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Maria Augustyn - BLOG

Balanced Hormones mean Better HEART HEALTH

Balanced Hormones
Mean Better Heart Health
Our blood vessels are lined with oestrogen receptors, which play a key role in regulating healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and normal clot formation in both men and women. This may be one reason why pre-menopausal women enjoy more optimal heart health statistics than their male and postmenopausal counterparts––and why heart health becomes an important focus for women as they grow older.

Research shows, however, that while synthetic hormone analogs of progesterone (called "progestin") can actually impact cardiovascular health, naturally derived forms of oestrogen and progesterone can help to support healthy blood pressure, heart rate, clotting factors and lipid levels.

Brain Health


Tumeric may not just add a little spice to your next Indian dish. The popular spice is now being used to regenerate brain cells after stroke.
The research by the Department of Neurology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, was recently presented at the American Heart Association International Stroke Conference in Los Angeles. Researchers expect the drug to enter human clinical trials soon.
Currently there is only one drug that is now approved for ischemic stroke, which occurs when a clot blocks blood flow to the brain.

Burned toast

Burned Toast
on hundreds of false fire alarmcall-outs, with many caused bystaff setting off smoke alarmswith burnt toast.
The Advertiser

How to heal the heart

A decade ago, scientists thought stem cells could simply replace dead cardiac tissue. Now, it seems things are even more interesting.

 It was the kind of headline English newspapers do so well: “My faulty heart valve rebuilt itself with stem cells from my hip.”
Underneath, theDaily Mailran a picture of an ordinary-looking British housewife — blonde, bobbed hair, jeans and a pale blue cardigan. Her name was Barbro Lowed and her story was remarkable.

Having developed classic signs of heart failure, the 61-year-old retired flight attendant was told by her doctors that she would require a valve replacement.

Paracetamol increases bone fractures

Paracetamol increases fracture risk by 50%
Australian researchers are warning about the possible effects of paracetamol on bone metabolism following a study showing the analgesic may increase the risk of a fracture by more than 50%.
The case-controlstudy, inBone, analysed data from the Geelong Osteoporosis Study. This included 560 women with incident fractures and a control group of 775 women without incident fracture.
Paracetamol use was 12% among the fracture group and 8% in the control group, representing an increased risk of 56%.

Rethink Flu Vaccine...

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Sugary Drinks and High Blood Pressure

Sugary drinks andHigh Blood Pressure
Sarah Colyer
 SALT may not be the only thing hypertensive patients need to cut down on, with research suggesting sugary soft drinks and fruit juices also increase blood pressure.
For every extra 355mL sugary drink consumed each day, a person’s average systolic BP rose by 1mmHG, while their diastolic BP rose by 0.4mmHg, a study found, after adjusting for participants’ weight and height.

Diet beverages, by contrast, were inversely linked to BP, the study of more than 2500 people found.

Infection that causes infertility and blindness

Chlamydia trachomatis:
This sexually transmitted bacterial infection, can cause blindness and infertility if untreated.
Backpackers fuelling Chlamydia spread
David Brill
Backpackers’ promiscuity and reluctance to use condoms is fuelling the spread of chlamydia, say Sydney experts, who want health campaigns to get serious about targeting bars and hostels.
Reviewing almost 13,000 tests at a Sydney sexual health clinic, researchers found the proportion of backpackers testing positive for Chlamydia has more than doubled over eight years.

How reliable is the tick of the National Heart Foundation?

National Heart Foundation defends tick program
The National Heart Foundation has leapt to the defence of its “heart tick” program after a warning was issued to doctors to use caution when recommending products with the tick.
Writing in theMedical Journal of Australia, nutritionist Dr Rosemary Stanton (PhD) said the Heart Foundation’s criteria for earning the tick were a cause for concern because it varied for different food types.

In one example, Dr Stanton states, tomato sauce must have no added salt to earn the tick, while a similar restriction does not apply to salad dressing.

Gut bacteria may be making us fat!

As mentioned by Daniel Weber two years ago in 'Enteric' Seminars
Appetite may be partly linked to germs in the gut
Germs in the gut may help drive appetite, says new research into the link between obesity and bacteria.
Gut bacteria may be interfering with your efforts of loosing weight. Start your Detoxification Program today.Previous studies have shown that overweight people and normal-weight people harbour different types and amounts of microbes that naturally live in the intestine. To determine why, scientists are peering into mice.

Emory University researchers noticed that mice with an altered immune system were fatter than regular mice, and had a collection of disorders - high blood pressure, and cholesterol and insulin problems - called metabolic syndrome, often a precursor of heart disease and diabetes.

Dangerous drugs

 A new analysis of the cardiovascular safety of NSAIDs(nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)shows that COX-2 ( is no guide to risk, and suggests that only Naproxen has any net benefit for symptomatic treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.
Thereviewof all major randomised trials comparing NSAIDs with other NSAIDs or placebo concluded that almost all NSAIDs had an unacceptable risk/benefit profile and that the OTC availability of NSAIDs such as ibuprofen and diclofenac should be reconsidered.

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Safe Medicine

Drugs to lower cholesterol

The health of our heart is influenced by other organ systemsI found this article in the internet, and I encourage you to read it, I think is very important to consider a natural, safe treatment for high cholesterol.
"Doctors have been encouraged to prescribe the cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins quite liberally. Patients who suffer heart attacks often have elevated levels of cholesterol, so statins like Lipitor are prescribed to lower the cholesterol. There have been no conclusive studies to prove the full effectiveness of these drugs, however, and some doctors worry that reducing cholesterol simply takes away the warning signs of heart disease.

HEMAVIEW screening

Images of before and after treatment.
Dear Patients/Friends,
Did you have your blood tested this year?
Seeing your blood alive and moving is a great way of finding the motivation that you might need to concentrate on cleaning up your cupboards and fridge and filling them up with life giving and nourishing foods.
Are your red blood cells sticking and bunching up? - This can be a dangerous sign that your blood is not doing its job efficiently.
Do your red blood cells have very different sizes?
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