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The amazing human brain
Annual check-ups can uncover some serious risk factors
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Maria Augustyn - BLOG

Dangerous Medical Drugs

The amazing human brain

The Amazing Human Brain 

If you are ever feeling uninspired, take a moment to consider the amazing marvel between your ears – your brain!

Did you know that although your brain makes up only 2% of your total body weight, it consumes approximately 20% of your energy? Or, did you know that the brain is composed of 100 billion cells that make a million connections every second of our lives? 

Do we really have to end up "over the hill"? Up until recently, we have understood that all the growth and development of the brain occurs early on in life.

Annual check-ups can uncover some serious risk factors

Annual Check-Ups 
Can Uncover Some Serious Risk Factors

I would like to share this story with you to inspire you to take charge of your own health today.

A 41 year old male was referred by his Doctor as a recent medical checkup had revealed an abnormal blood profile. The Medical Practitioner told the patient that if he could not normalize his cholesterol levels in four months, the patient would have to start taking medications to lower his cholesterol. His total cholesterol was 6.

Low Cholesterol may cause depression

Are Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Regimens Causing Depression?
Low cholesterol is a risk factor for depression, according to integrative psychiatrist James Greenblatt, MD, of Waltham, MA. Speaking at the recent iMosaic conference, Dr. Greenblatt said there are 11 studies showing strong correlations between low total cholesterol and increased depression and suicidality.

The brain is the most cholesterol-rich organ, and cholesterol is a building block for many important hormones. This doesn’t mean that high cholesterol levels are healthy, but neither are levels that are too low.

Osteoporosis drugs: fractures and jaw rotting disease.

)Drug holiday advised for bisphosphonates
Patient using bisphophonates should be considered for a ‘drug holiday’ after five years to minimise the risk of femoral fractures, researchers say. A Canadian study inJAMAshows that older women using bisphosphonates for more than five years have a significant increased risk of subtrochanteric or femoral shaft fractures 
Michael Woodhead
What are bisphosphonates?
Bisphosphonates are a relatively new family of non-hormonal medications, which have been proven to be effective in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

A Photo Can Be a Painkiller!

Photographs Of Loved Ones
Can Be Effective Painkillers
You may remember being calmed by your mum the first time you had blood drawn in the doctor’s office, or a loved one helping you feel like you’re not alone.
The benefits of other people have been obvious to us for awhile, but new research is showing that a reminder as small as a photograph can have the same effect.
Ferris Jabr, writing for Scientific America, elaborates:
A Psychological Science study in 2009 first showed the effect.

Paracetamol increases bone fractures

Paracetamol increases fracture risk by 50%
Australian researchers are warning about the possible effects of paracetamol on bone metabolism following a study showing the analgesic may increase the risk of a fracture by more than 50%.
The case-controlstudy, inBone, analysed data from the Geelong Osteoporosis Study. This included 560 women with incident fractures and a control group of 775 women without incident fracture.
Paracetamol use was 12% among the fracture group and 8% in the control group, representing an increased risk of 56%.

Dangerous drugs

 A new analysis of the cardiovascular safety of NSAIDs(nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)shows that COX-2 ( is no guide to risk, and suggests that only Naproxen has any net benefit for symptomatic treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.
Thereviewof all major randomised trials comparing NSAIDs with other NSAIDs or placebo concluded that almost all NSAIDs had an unacceptable risk/benefit profile and that the OTC availability of NSAIDs such as ibuprofen and diclofenac should be reconsidered.

Drugs to lower cholesterol

The health of our heart is influenced by other organ systemsI found this article in the internet, and I encourage you to read it, I think is very important to consider a natural, safe treatment for high cholesterol.
"Doctors have been encouraged to prescribe the cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins quite liberally. Patients who suffer heart attacks often have elevated levels of cholesterol, so statins like Lipitor are prescribed to lower the cholesterol. There have been no conclusive studies to prove the full effectiveness of these drugs, however, and some doctors worry that reducing cholesterol simply takes away the warning signs of heart disease.
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