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Cancer treatments and prevention



Cancer sufferers are taking doses of expensive and potentially toxic treatments that may be well in excess of what they need…”

“…because pharmaceutical companies were the only group who could afford to fund trials of expensive drugs, they had enormous control the scientific evidence that dictates how much should be used”

Dr. Ian Haines cites evidence that many of these new and expensive cancer drugs are just as effective when taken in smaller quantities and for a shorter time. He says “it would seem that pharmaceutical companies are attracted to studies looking at maximum-tolerated dose…”

“Not only was our health system acquiescence in industry-manipulated trials wasting taxpayer’s money but the failure to link… data was risking patient’s lives”

Journal of Clinical Oncology Aug 2007 as reported in SMH

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Inflammation and cancer

Recent data have expanded the concept that inflammation is a critical component of tumour progression.

Many cancers arise from sites of infection, chronic irritation and inflammation. It is now becoming clear that the tumour microenvironment, which is largely orchestrated by inflammatory cells, is an indispensable participant in the neoplastic process, fostering proliferation, survival and migration.

In addition, tumour cells have co-opted some of the signalling molecules of the innate immune system, such as selectins, chemokines and their receptors for invasion, migration and metastasis.

Nature 420, 860-867 (19 December 2002)


A fairly recent study reported in the journal Cancer emphasizes the importance of this connection between diseases associated with increased free radicals and cancer risk. In this study, researchers looked at the number of cancer patients who also has chronic diseases such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, or diabetes.


They found that almost 69 percent of the cancer patients also had one of these degenerative diseases.

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Stress and Survival

Few events are as stressful as a diagnosis of cancer. As the stress level increases, the outpouring of the adrenal cortex hormone (cortisol) also increases. Women with breast cancer who had abnormal cortisol rhythms survived an average of 3.2 years, while those with normal rhythms survived an average of 4.5 years (more than a year longer).


The difference in survival times began to emerge about 1 year after the cortisol testing and continued for at least 6 additional years (Richter 2000).

Animal studies, mostly involving rats, demonstrated stress as a causal factor in cancer.

The onset of cancer appears similarly allied in humans, with the immune system highly responsive to emotional pitfalls.


It is well established that when the individual is emotionally challenged, cancer has a significant advantage

(Levy et al. 1987).

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Supportive Programs

     Lifestyle Changes

           Preventative Medicine


Blood Type Diet

Reducing lectins reduces inflammation and the antigen load. This both protects the tissues and enhances recovery.


LIVER HEALTH - Detoxification Program

A comprehensive integrated detoxification program involving both gut repair and liver regeneration may assist in management and prevention by improving the ability of the liver to clear hormones and toxins.


Getting Slimmer and Healthier 

A carbohydrate-controlled, Ketogenic fat loss program is an essential approach for those with severe insulin resistance, who will usually also be overweight or obese.

Reducing dietary glycaemic load will reduce insulin release and help patients lose fat, particularly visceral adipose tissue, thus helping to minimise the risk of many chronic illnesses.


Your Guide to Wellness

This program is for those of relatively normal weight (i.e. fat percentage) and activity. The whole purpose of this particular dietary approach is to control insulin levels, keeping them ―in the zone and provide essential nutrients for the immune system and for repair.


Depression, Anxiety and Stress

Are you getting all the nutrients that you need to control mood disorders? Did you know that there are many herbs that can be used to help you go through it? Counselling and conventional medication are sometimes needed, but good nutrition can provide the rest of the support and wellbeing that you need. Be helped and supported gently and efficiently.


Make an appointment today. Start using Preventative Medicine to avoid inflammation and serious chronic illnesses.


Your health is your greatest asset. What can you do today to optimise this?          

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