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Fatter oldies...less hip fractures!

Fatter oldies...fewer hip fractures


Rates of hip fracture are in decline in Australia, with adiposity rather than anti-fracture drugs being cited as the key factor.

Women have seen a 30% fall in hip fracture rates between 1994 and 2007, while men have seen an 8% decline in hip fracture rates,

Victorian researchers report in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research this week.

However, the studyalso shows that the absolute number of hip fractures is still on the increase, due to the ageing of the population.

The Geelong Osteoporosis Study, which has been following almost 500 women since 1993, shows that rates of hip fracture peaked in the 1990s. Factors related to the subsequent decline may include an increasingly healthy elderly population with better strength and stability that would help avoid falls.

The reversal in hip fracture rates also coincided with a decline in HRT use following the negative findings of the Women’s Health Initiative study in 2002, while use of anti-osteoporosis drugs increased in Australian women.

There was also an increase in adiposity among women, and this could have a significant protective effect against hip fracture the authors say. 


Our bones are continuously regenerating and changing. The cells of our bones (osteocytes) have the same needs as any other cell of our body, and are affected by the same problems that rob us of vitality and health. Our basic needs are:




Hydration (drinking enough water)        

Appropriate elimination        

Avoidance of poisons (smoking, bad foods, stress)        


Challenging exercise


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