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Obese people need Fish Oil


Fish oil benefits even the obese



A fish-rich diet is the key to Eskimos’ low rates of diabetes and heart disease, say researchers, who suggest obese Westerners, might do well to boost their fish oil consumption.

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2011


David Brill and AAP


Did you have your supplement today?

I recommend to my patients to have 1 teaspoon of Metagenics Meta Pure EPA/DHA daily for the maintenance of good health, plus having 3 fish meals per week.The fish oil that I recommend is concentrated, with a fruity flavour to it, and it is manufactured from renewable sources of small fish. The molecular distillation increases purity and reduces heavy metals and pesticides. The oil is concentrated to increase EPA/DHA content up to 60%, and antioxidants are added to protect the integrity of the oil. The small dose required makes it an economical product.  



Not only that, it also has protective properties against bowel and breast cancer, it helps regulate hormones, therefore is excellent for the treatment of PMS and menopausal symptoms, and it is an excellent brain food for adults and children 


Place your order today.

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