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Outbreak of hepatitis: tomatoes blamed

Outbreak of hepatitis: tomatoes blamed

5 April 2011

An investigation into a large hepatitis A outbreak in South Australia has exposed the unlikely perpetrator: semi-dried tomatoes with garlic and herbs in oil.

Communicable disease authorities spotted the increase in cases of hepatitis A occurring without overseas travel after 37 people reported infection with the virus in 2009. Almost half of the patients were hospitalised before the implicated tomatoes were recalled from public sale, after interviews revealed a common supplier. Case-control data analysis later showed the illness was strongly associated with consumption of semi-dried tomatoes with garlic and herbs in oil, said Joy Copland, of SA Health’s Communicable Disease Control Branch, who reported the findings today to the Public Health Association of Australia’s Communicable Disease Control Conference in Canberra.Nyssa Skilton (Journal of the Australian Doctor)

This was an unfortunate incident, but if you want to make delicious home made semi-dried tomatoes, at a fraction of the price, and very safe in terms of contamination, please see recipe in


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