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Slapping cure for diabetes...!?!?

Slapping cure for diabetes..!?!? 


A Chinese writer has been ordered to leave Taiwan after he claimed that slapping a person's body could cure diabetes and heart disease.

Xiao Hongci drew criticism when he claimed that his “slapping therapy” had healing powers at a promotion in Taipei earlier this week, slapping a woman's arm red while demonstrating his technique. “It takes seven days and it's 100% effective for diabetics. It can cure heart disease and high blood pressure too,” Xiao said in footage aired by local television. But his tour has been cut short after the Taiwanese Government ordered him to leave within seven days as well as paying a fine of NT$50,000 ($1525) for claiming healing effects for what is considered a “folk therapy”, officials said. “Xiao is on a tourist visa and he is not allowed to practise medicine here,” said an immigration official. Xiao has published a book on his “slapping therapy” in Taiwan that has reportedly sold more than half a million copies.

Australian Doctor



May be we need slapping when we approach the fridge with a murderous intent (suicide by overeating).


Good food choices, portion control, and a planned diet are great strategies for the control of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity which very often leads to heart disease.


The secret to a successful, health-building way of eating is planning, and having small regular meals.

                 Failing to plan, is planning to fail

Our food should be a source of nourishment and pleasure.  


Have a look at a sample menu that will illustrate how to plan delicious meals:

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